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Yay, new callsign issued! One I can pronounce! W7OSX. has been updated. Will probably take a few days for the big DMR networks to suck in the changes.

I think my front tire on the Mercier Kilo WT is kaput. Tire blew out again. Had to walk the bike into work about a mile, and after 10 hours of work, walk 7 miles back home.

Since all I had was to wear was cycling kit and work clothes, I walked home in scrubs and crocs. Not much fun.

People always look at me wierd when I wear scrubs in public. Had a co-worker attacked (sprayed with lysol) at a gas station for wearing scrubs in public.

Been slowly trying to figure out a workable permanent HF antenna system. I think on my next 3 day-weekend, I'll attempt a poor-man's temporary 20m speaker-wire dipole, haul it up a tree, and run it into a SDR in my laptop. Don't want to invest a bunch of money into a antenna system that'll suck.

Been researching antenna systems. I've found the one I want....

Replaced photo system with Also consolidated a lot of service on my vps nodes, and eliminated a node. Should result in $20 less spent a month in service charges. Yay!

Filed for a new callsign. I tried working with the sequential one assigned by the FCC for the past month. My mouth just can't properly spit it out.

Current call is KJ7URG (Kilo Juliette Seven Uniform Romeo Golf). I get hung-up pronunciation at Romeo Golf.

Picked a new one out of the list that I can pronounce. No other reason really.

New call should be W7OSX (Whiskey Seven Oscar Sierra X-Ray). Hopefully it'll be assigned by the first of the new month.

Looking over my investments today. And just wow. It's nuts out there.

Gold and all the bond funds I watch have all experienced death crosses. Tech stocks have corrected, but are still mostly up. Index and Mutual funds are kind of a wash.

Bitcoin and ETH are still insanely profitable. I'm up about 600% this year on crypto.

My first Radio. It's mostly configured. Kinda fun to fool with.

Took my test. Passed! FCC should issue my callsign in a few days.

It was nervewracking. And zoom sucks.

Finally scheduled my License exam for tomorrow afternoon. I'm pretty sure I'll pass it. A little excited to get a callsign.

This is fantastic:

Texas lawyer trapped by cat filter on Zoom call, informs judge he is not a cat

Lawyer Rod Ponton unable to undo filter during court debate. 'I don’t know how to remove it … I’m here live. I’m not a cat’

Only thing worse than changing a flat tire on my bike after work (when hoping to get home in short oder)... is

Changing a flat tire after work in the hail and pouring rain. It only took me a little while, but I got pretty cold.

Got the second shot yesterday. Arm hurts (a lot) and I'm kinda sick. Probably worth it in the long run though.

This made me laugh.

Copy/Paste from Auburn Police Blotter.

Jan 14. Vandalism: 5:34 p.m., 12000 block of Southeast 304th Street. A boy allegedly flew his drone into a tree, and as he was in the act of retrieving it with a bow and arrow, he struck a power line, causing a power transformer to explode, knocking out power to the neighboring community. The kid fled, and police could not find him.

Thinking about getting a Technician's and/or General Amateur Radio License. Too bad classes are closed for a while. Might be a fun hobby though.

I remember fooling with CB radios as a teenager and having a ton of fun.

Every couple of days I get a text from the testing place with my latest covid results. (We test 2x a week at work).

I pretty tired today, and for a few minutes I was hoping my results would be positive to I could just go home and go to sleep.

So yeah, i'm kind of exhausted.

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