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Only thing worse than changing a flat tire on my bike after work (when hoping to get home in short oder)... is

Changing a flat tire after work in the hail and pouring rain. It only took me a little while, but I got pretty cold.

Got the second shot yesterday. Arm hurts (a lot) and I'm kinda sick. Probably worth it in the long run though.

This made me laugh.

Copy/Paste from Auburn Police Blotter.

Jan 14. Vandalism: 5:34 p.m., 12000 block of Southeast 304th Street. A boy allegedly flew his drone into a tree, and as he was in the act of retrieving it with a bow and arrow, he struck a power line, causing a power transformer to explode, knocking out power to the neighboring community. The kid fled, and police could not find him.

Thinking about getting a Technician's and/or General Amateur Radio License. Too bad classes are closed for a while. Might be a fun hobby though.

I remember fooling with CB radios as a teenager and having a ton of fun.

Every couple of days I get a text from the testing place with my latest covid results. (We test 2x a week at work).

I pretty tired today, and for a few minutes I was hoping my results would be positive to I could just go home and go to sleep.

So yeah, i'm kind of exhausted.

whales are buying a lot of the coin being sold off by retail investors during this dip.

Still waiting on a large dip. Saw a 20 percent-ish correction yesterday, but bitcoin's value has been so that this retracement wasn't even enough to trigger any of my limit buys.

A 20 Week bull-market "test" would require almost another 30% correction at this point.

Had the opportunity to get the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Took it.

I kinda wish the price would correct a bit. No opportunities lately to buy in.

My 2016 macbook pro is dying I think. Battery is swelling up (again).

I really don't use it as a laptop much so I think I'll replace it with an Intel NUC and stuff it full of ram.

My 2012 macbook running linux is still going strong. It's faster than my 2016 laptop anyway.

So far my quarantine has consisted of catching up on chores (all done), doing some nerdery on my computers, and watching bad movies and tv shows on amazon prime.

No fever, no symptoms.

Was going through my crypto portfolio spreadsheet today. I had price targets for at 20,000 and 25,000. I remember setting it up when BTC was trading at about 9600 a few months ago.

I wonder how much higher it'll go in the short term. Still waiting for that dip to buy more.

Fried carp is one of, if not *the* most traditional of #Christmas dishes in #Poland.

Which is pretty funny, considering:
a). obviously Christmas is a #Catholic thing;
b). carp for Christmas was introduced and promoted by the #Communist regime as a way of dealing with fish shortages (carp is cheap);
c). this scheme was cooked up (ha!) by a Hilary Minc, a communist minister, who happened to be Jewish.

A proper Catholic Communist Jewish tradition! Gotta love conservatism.

Merry GravMass, people!

Decided to go ahead and get the Pfizer vaccine. It's not mandatory, but considering the population I work with...

Getting the first shot in about two weeks through work. So if I grow extra fingers I'll let everyone know.

I suspect it'll just be like other immunizations I've had. Sore at injection site. Maybe a headache or other ickiness for a day.

Staffing has always been an issue at work, even pre-covid. Now it's just awful. I'm pretty frustrated.

There aren't any good solutions and good people are slowly being ground down.

The healthcare industry on the US is screwed. You thought the medical care you and your loved ones received in the past was awful?

Just wait.

It's kinda fun watching my crypto portfolio rise in value. Even if i'm not going to touch any of it for a while.

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