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Decided to go ahead and get the Pfizer vaccine. It's not mandatory, but considering the population I work with...

Getting the first shot in about two weeks through work. So if I grow extra fingers I'll let everyone know.

I suspect it'll just be like other immunizations I've had. Sore at injection site. Maybe a headache or other ickiness for a day.

Staffing has always been an issue at work, even pre-covid. Now it's just awful. I'm pretty frustrated.

There aren't any good solutions and good people are slowly being ground down.

The healthcare industry on the US is screwed. You thought the medical care you and your loved ones received in the past was awful?

Just wait.

It's kinda fun watching my crypto portfolio rise in value. Even if i'm not going to touch any of it for a while.

Working as a on a memory unit has has definitely improved my white-lying skills.

The vaccine for -19 will be available through work shortly. Will probably go for it.

The biggest worries I hear about from coworkers are side effects (sick after injection, which sucks but is acceptable) and female infertility (I guess it’s a big worry, but it’s not exactly something that is going to affect me).

Just spent an hour laughing this. By the end of the video the scammer was ready to pull her hair out.

Just deleted facebook account. It's kind of a relief.

just blasted past it's previous All Time High. Trading at $21,725. Not seeing a buy opportunity. 😦

I spend too much time just staring at candlestick charts. Often I'll just stare hard a red candlestick and try and will it into turning into a falling knife.

There is meaning in this gif, but I'll leave it up to you to decide what it is, Barring any issues with imagination.

I love my job as a . But there are parts of it I kind of hate.

I understand and agree with how we handle "catastrophic reactions" like we do.

Proper training does help prevent violent attacks by patients on nursing staff. But sometimes that comes out of nowhere, and without warning. Later we document, analyze, and ask ourselves what we could have done better.

I hate the violent act, but our reaction that act still bothers me a bit too.

It feels a bit like victim-blaming.

This is gonna be one of those really shit progress bars, isn't it?

Probably, gonna hang on 66% for like, forever.

The vending machine looks sad. Hasn’t been restocked in months. Every couple of weeks some poor hungry or will put money in an attempt at those chips or OJ. They fail. And we laugh. Then point at all the junk food in the cupboard. Free.

RY S'mores by Kopel is kind of awesome. I normally don’t a lot of desert flavors but this is close to becoming my new

Just noticed more and on my crypto exchange account. Today's dip triggered a couple of limit buys. Yay for crypto currency on Sale!

Just finished with todays . S3 bucket for this site now setup with a cloudfront distribution, with a ssl domain cert attached. So SSL is enabled all around.

Neat, and completely overkill.

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