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I love my job as a . But there are parts of it I kind of hate.

I understand and agree with how we handle "catastrophic reactions" like we do.

Proper training does help prevent violent attacks by patients on nursing staff. But sometimes that comes out of nowhere, and without warning. Later we document, analyze, and ask ourselves what we could have done better.

I hate the violent act, but our reaction that act still bothers me a bit too.

It feels a bit like victim-blaming.

This is gonna be one of those really shit progress bars, isn't it?

Probably, gonna hang on 66% for like, forever.

The vending machine looks sad. Hasn’t been restocked in months. Every couple of weeks some poor hungry or will put money in an attempt at those chips or OJ. They fail. And we laugh. Then point at all the junk food in the cupboard. Free.

RY S'mores by Kopel is kind of awesome. I normally don’t a lot of desert flavors but this is close to becoming my new

Just noticed more and on my crypto exchange account. Today's dip triggered a couple of limit buys. Yay for crypto currency on Sale!

Just finished with todays . S3 bucket for this site now setup with a cloudfront distribution, with a ssl domain cert attached. So SSL is enabled all around.

Neat, and completely overkill.

Out of . My situation is dire.

Safeway is closed. I might have to visit 7-11.

The more I dig into Amazon's AWS services, the more I realize why it's so popular. S3 buckets for data storage are incredibly cheap. I wish I had learned about S3 before I lost a bunch media last year.

Also been using their SES service for email transmission, and it's super neat.

I dunno how many times this meme has popped up in my head.

Finally cutting the cord on
. Prepping an archive of my old photos and posts. I'll post a goodbye msg, give it a week, and nuke it all.

I'm just so tired of seeing ads pop up all over the internet relating to the few times a month I visit FB.

And with , I have somewhere to go. 😉

Discovered after learning was just bought by Zoom. If it's like all the other companies that were aquired, keybase will likely start to wither and then slowly die off.

I like the idea of a tool that only does one thing anyway. I really don't use the keybase file encryption (I do that on my own), and I'm pretty familiar with using GnuPG on my own. For encrypted chat I use .

I love the idea of proof of identity though.

Woke up this morning, and just felt yuk. Headache and stumbling around.

So it was a thing. GPG Key worked flawlessly when I stuck the into my old macbook running .

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