Today I learned that some backpackers don't wear backpacks. They use pack goats.

I have this image in my head of hiking around the PNW with a string of little minions behind me carrying my stuff.

Fact: Africa and South America look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Back from vacation. Will post album of photos later on. It was great fun, if a bit exhausting.

Heading out on vacation in the morning. Will be out of contact for two weeks or so.

Route planned is viewable at

Downloaded my commutes into a spreadsheet. Just because.

Most of these stats don't surprise me much.

Miles Day: 12.61
Miles Year: 3,278

Elev Gain Day: 764ft
Elev Gain Year: 198,558ft

Average Speed: 14.06 mph
Moving Time: 00:53:55

Finished my of the Hood Canal yesterday. Awesome ride, if a bit hot. 41C yesterday when I got home.

Vacation finally begins. Spending a week on the bicycle camping out. Leaving Wednesday morning.

FIrst two days will be in State Parks. Then across the floating hood canal bridge and into the national forest.

A ver, señor, que me deje pasar la tarde en mi zanja tranquilamente.

I've decided the apple watch just is not a good accessory for CNA's. Mine looks pretty awful after a year of being exposed (repeatedly) to harsh cleaners and poop.

Going to try replacing it (at least for work) with a cheap casio gshock. I just need the current time, some alarms, and a countdown timer for measuring pulse/respiration.

Every once in a while Oliver covers something I've experienced. Just about everything described here is true.

One thing that isn't covered (and I wish it was) is how the virus has affected staffing in nursing homes. There are very few permanent nurses and aides these days.

Finally filed my taxes. What a pain.

Next year should be easier. I don't plan on trading or selling any cryptocurrency.

Brandmeister and TGIF just sucked in my new call/radioid. Just about all traces of my old callsign are now gone.

I have a three-day weekend coming up in a week. Big plan is to throw up a 20m speaker-wire dipole in the tree next to the house and see what the RFI is like.

That and go for a long bike ride.

@paladin1 Gross is when random folks proudly show off their humongous cyst or oozing infection. But it hasn't been a thing for a while now. Lately I've been doing my grocery shopping online.

@M0YNG Vanity call sign. Sequential number I was assigned was hard to quickly get out of my mouth so I applied for a new one while the application is still free.

Studying for general license now. I’m in no rush so I’ll probably test for the upgrade later this month. I expect it’ll take a few months of studying before I test for extra.

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