whales are buying a lot of the coin being sold off by retail investors during this dip.


Still waiting on a large dip. Saw a 20 percent-ish correction yesterday, but bitcoin's value has been so that this retracement wasn't even enough to trigger any of my limit buys.

A 20 Week bull-market "test" would require almost another 30% correction at this point.

I kinda wish the price would correct a bit. No opportunities lately to buy in.

Was going through my crypto portfolio spreadsheet today. I had price targets for at 20,000 and 25,000. I remember setting it up when BTC was trading at about 9600 a few months ago.

I wonder how much higher it'll go in the short term. Still waiting for that dip to buy more.

just blasted past it's previous All Time High. Trading at $21,725. Not seeing a buy opportunity. 😦

Just noticed more and on my crypto exchange account. Today's dip triggered a couple of limit buys. Yay for crypto currency on Sale!

I'm just not doing well today with my nerding.

Been digging through trying to find out why I can't use keybase.io with my gnupg configuration.

Turns out if you keep your master key offline, and your working encryption and signature keys on a where they can't be extracted... Your screwed.

I keep my keys on a and off the internet for the same reason. It's stupidly unsafe to have private keys on a host that's online.

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