So far my quarantine has consisted of catching up on chores (all done), doing some nerdery on my computers, and watching bad movies and tv shows on amazon prime.

No fever, no symptoms.

Decided to go ahead and get the Pfizer vaccine. It's not mandatory, but considering the population I work with...

Getting the first shot in about two weeks through work. So if I grow extra fingers I'll let everyone know.

I suspect it'll just be like other immunizations I've had. Sore at injection site. Maybe a headache or other ickiness for a day.

The vaccine for -19 will be available through work shortly. Will probably go for it.

The biggest worries I hear about from coworkers are side effects (sick after injection, which sucks but is acceptable) and female infertility (I guess it’s a big worry, but it’s not exactly something that is going to affect me).

I sometimes get bored watching , but this video on the vaccine is great.

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