Working as a on a memory unit has has definitely improved my white-lying skills.

I love my job as a . But there are parts of it I kind of hate.

I understand and agree with how we handle "catastrophic reactions" like we do.

Proper training does help prevent violent attacks by patients on nursing staff. But sometimes that comes out of nowhere, and without warning. Later we document, analyze, and ask ourselves what we could have done better.

I hate the violent act, but our reaction that act still bothers me a bit too.

It feels a bit like victim-blaming.

The vending machine looks sad. Hasn’t been restocked in months. Every couple of weeks some poor hungry or will put money in an attempt at those chips or OJ. They fail. And we laugh. Then point at all the junk food in the cupboard. Free.

I dunno how many times this meme has popped up in my head.

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