Started my Oregon Coast Hike. Photo of the northern terminus in the background. Camped at Fort Stevens State Park, and the next day hiked the beach in the rain and 35mph headwinds to Seaside. Will attempt Tillamook head tomorrow morning hoping it dries out a little now that the storm has passed.

Spent yesterday just loafing around Cape Lookout. Sat on the beach and watched the Sunset. I am back in town getting the bike fixed, and some laundry is done. I'll head off into the rain tomorrow morning.

The beach! I’m sure I’ll see more, but this is the first time in ages I just sat down on one and stared at the Pacific. The hills in the background I climbed over yesterday.

Taking a rest day at Nehelem Bay State Park today. I replaced my saddle in Astoria and it’s not broken in yet, so my butt paid the price. Went into town this morning, ate a blueberry muffin and a mocha, planned out the next few days at the local library.

Tomorrow I hit Tillamook. Laundry then Ice Cream tour (cheese too). Then a loop around Cape Mears. I suspect after that it’ll be a slog. Long miles and rain.

Picture is view of Nehalem Beach from yesterday’s climb.

Lockers in the background have usb power. Oregon State Parks have free hot showers too.

New bike out for a ride. Took me a few miles to take in cable slack and get the shifting working smoothly. Super comfortable and plush ride though.

Back from vacation. Will post album of photos later on. It was great fun, if a bit exhausting.

Finished my of the Hood Canal yesterday. Awesome ride, if a bit hot. 41C yesterday when I got home.

Been researching antenna systems. I've found the one I want....

My first Radio. It's mostly configured. Kinda fun to fool with.

just blasted past it's previous All Time High. Trading at $21,725. Not seeing a buy opportunity. 😦

The vending machine looks sad. Hasn’t been restocked in months. Every couple of weeks some poor hungry or will put money in an attempt at those chips or OJ. They fail. And we laugh. Then point at all the junk food in the cupboard. Free.

I dunno how many times this meme has popped up in my head.

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