Started my Oregon Coast Hike. Photo of the northern terminus in the background. Camped at Fort Stevens State Park, and the next day hiked the beach in the rain and 35mph headwinds to Seaside. Will attempt Tillamook head tomorrow morning hoping it dries out a little now that the storm has passed.

Amtrak is requiring me to fill out a questionnaire within 24 hours of my trip and declare I don't have covid.

I had hoped this kinda thing was done for now.

I bet the SAR people hate this spot. News archive shows a lot of people fall here (and a few die) every year.


All set and ready to go. Kinda anxious and having trouble settling down though. I probably won't sleep well tonight.

I've been reading what I can find about the Snowy Plover closures and restrictions on Oregon Beaches. I wandered across this account of a segment of the trail I'll be visiting.

This website and the writing on it are beautiful. It makes me wonder what I'll see, what hardships await me, and who I'll meet. And it also fills me with a little bit of envy. I wish I could tell stories like this. I lack that talent.

I leave for Astoria tomorrow morning.

I keep adding and subtracting stuff to my pack. This is not going to be an ultralight backpacking trip, but keeping the weight down is proving to be difficult. I like being comfortable (in camp).

I'm getting close I think though. I spent an hour yesterday trying to figure out if I wanted to bring some biffy bags (Leave no Trace Pooping).

Eventually decided if I need to do a number 2, I'll dig a cathole like I would in the backcountry.

Ordered new wheelset for touring bike. Should arrive in July. The folks at have been awesome and helpful.

Train leaves on the 7th. I am thru-hiking the Oregon coast starting the 8th.

My bike may be out of commission, but my feet are not.

Rear-wheel gave out and the rim is toast. A new wheel is probably going to take me 6 or 7 weeks to source so the bike touring is done for this spring.

I love coastal Oregon so far, so I'm gonna retool at home, and head back out next week. Instead of cycling 3600 miles, I'll just thru-hike the Oregon Beaches from Astoria to Crescent City.

Hopefully, when I get back the bike will be working again.

Bike is fixed, I am full of awesome local food. Have a bed waiting for me in a half hour…. Feeling good. Ready to try and outrun the rain coming in the next few days. But tonight I’ll just veg out.

Spent yesterday just loafing around Cape Lookout. Sat on the beach and watched the Sunset. I am back in town getting the bike fixed, and some laundry is done. I'll head off into the rain tomorrow morning.

Back in Tillicum to get a spoke fixed on my rear wheel. Dunno how long it take to fix, so I booked a motel in town for the night. Hopefully I’ll be moving again in the morning.

Ending the night late. Sat down, drank wine, and chatted with a bunch of fellow bike tourer’s. Everybody is looking forward to Ice Cream tomorrow.

The beach! I’m sure I’ll see more, but this is the first time in ages I just sat down on one and stared at the Pacific. The hills in the background I climbed over yesterday.

Taking a rest day at Nehelem Bay State Park today. I replaced my saddle in Astoria and it’s not broken in yet, so my butt paid the price. Went into town this morning, ate a blueberry muffin and a mocha, planned out the next few days at the local library.

Tomorrow I hit Tillamook. Laundry then Ice Cream tour (cheese too). Then a loop around Cape Mears. I suspect after that it’ll be a slog. Long miles and rain.

Picture is view of Nehalem Beach from yesterday’s climb.

Lockers in the background have usb power. Oregon State Parks have free hot showers too.

Today is my last day at work.

I'm taking off my Tuesday/May 17th. Only have a few minor details to iron out before I leave. 3700 miles along the pacific coast and through the Sierra and Cascade Mountains via bicycle.

The route is finalized, although it will probably change as I ride north and dodge wildfires in the Sierras this summer.

Leaving on my tour in a little less than 3 weeks.

3200+ miles, south along the and , then north through the Sierra and Cascades mountains.

Leaving May 17th. Should return home I'm thinking in September.

Turned in 2 weeks' notice at my job yesterday so I'm committed now.


I will post interesting stuff along the route here and daily summaries will go on komoot.

Just noticed the green today on trees and cherry blossoms are starting to come out. Spring kinda crept up on me.

New bike out for a ride. Took me a few miles to take in cable slack and get the shifting working smoothly. Super comfortable and plush ride though.

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